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Why Insurance Agents Should Use Video As Part of Their Content Strategy

by Precise Leads

May 2, 2018

Videos are a great way for insurance agents to add a human touch to an increasingly anonymous online buying experience.

When Animoto, a firm that works with small businesses to create online videos, polled 1,000 consumers last year, 64% said viewing a video on Facebook had influenced their decision to buy a product within the past month.

Insurance agents have clearly gotten the message. About 60% of insurance industry professionals surveyed by video collaboration platform Vidyo said that they planned to use videos in their sales and advisory practices. It’s easy to see why. After all, a short video clip on your website or social media channels can put a human face on what can sometimes feel like an impersonal process for prospects.

Of course, throwing a hastily made video that touts your agency online is the wrong strategy. Insurance agents need to be as strategic about their video marketing as they are with their traditional outreach. By following these three general guidelines, you’ll be better positioned to find success with your video content.

1. Know Your Target Audience

If you’re just beginning to bring video into your content strategy, it’s helpful to ask who you're trying to reach. Rather than attempt to capture everybody with a single clip, it’s best to design individual videos with a given audience in mind.

After a major natural disaster, for example, your current clients may go to your website seeking information about how to file a claim. Since it would be difficult to reach every client by phone or email, a short video on your website can give them the information they need. Plus, viewers will appreciate that you took the time to create a video for such a specific purpose.

Prospects, meanwhile, may want to get a sense of what your agency is like before they’re ready to fill out a contact sheet or request a quote. In that case, you can highlight your agency’s expertise with short testimonials from clients or clips in which you explain an insurance-related challenge and propose a solution. You can also videotape your agency’s community outreach efforts — anything that showcases your ability to help potential clients with their insurance needs in a competent, caring manner.

2. Keep It Short

Given that internet users have a wealth of competing information at their fingertips, insurance agents don’t have a lot of time to grab and hold a person’s interest. For that reason, the average length of videos on Facebook and Google Plus are often about two or three minutes.

The same should apply to your video content. Create videos that are short, engaging, and informative. Be sure to include a call to action at the end, as well, so that your viewers can get in, get out, and know what to do when the video is over.

3. Have Some Fun!

Insurance is a serious business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun. When making videos, don’t be afraid to relax and speak to prospects in an easy-going tone. By showing potential clients that you’re approachable — on top of being knowledgeable — you’ll stand a better chance of turning video content into consumer contacts.

Strategically targeted videos have become an indispensable part of marketing, enabling agents to attract new prospects while building upon their current book of business. By investing in your video content program, you’ll be diversifying your online presence and signaling to consumers that you’re an up-to-date, modern agent with the market awareness to help them with their insurance needs.

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