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Value of Local Insurance Agents in a One-Click World

by Precise Leads

February 11, 2019

Even if buying a policy may becomes a one-click transaction, there are still advantages for having a local insurance agent.

Insurance may be one of the last products that isn’t one click away in our lives. With companies like retail behemoth Amazon looking to make policy purchase more convenient, what will the role of the insurance agent be? Buying insurance from a local agent will always have its place. Here are the main reasons to buy from a local agent.

Local Agents Can’t Hide

Customer service from online purchases can be impersonal. A chatbot, FAQ section, email or a remote customer service person may be insufficient for many policyholders. Local agents have the capacity to discuss the nuance of policy coverage and billing issues. Local agents are an active part of the community and will generally take more time to listen to a policyholder’s needs, customize their policy accordingly and guide them through coverage issues.

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Local Agents Can Minimize Risk

Local agents see insurance claims everyday. Experienced, local agents have the benefit of advising policyholders based on the most common types of claims in their given locality. Auto insurance is a great example. A local insurance agent has probably seen drivers get burned by not carrying sufficient collision coverage. When you have a local agent create a policy for you, they are creating a policy that will minimize risk based on their experience in the respective area.

Local Agents Carry Errors and Omissions Coverage

Agents sometimes do make mistakes. Errors and Omissions coverage covers agents in these instances. This layer of protection typically covers both agent and policyholder in the event of a settlement claim.

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