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Follow These Little Known Tips for Increased Sales Productivity

by Precise Leads

July 22, 2016

From eliminating distraction to optimizing your lead generation strategy, here are some simple ways to boost your productivity.

Time may be our most valuable (and valued) commodity — and there never seem to be enough hours in the workday. With the never-ending demands of coworkers and clients, along with the constant distractions of our digital world, it can be difficult to tune out the white noise and focus on the task at hand.

Such diversions can prove especially detrimental to insurance agents, who need to dedicate as much time as possible to reaching and converting new leads. Implementing these effective tricks will put you well on your way to optimizing your sales productivity, every day.

Eliminate Distraction

First and foremost, focus on reducing workplace distractions — or eliminating them altogether. There is nothing more detrimental to productivity than constantly being interrupted, whether by social media, co-workers, or text messages. In fact, an estimated 2.1 hours are wasted on such distractions in the course of the average workday, and it takes almost 25 minutes on average to refocus after even the smallest interruption.

The best way to gain back those hours is by preventing interruptions to your workflow in the first place. This may mean finding a quiet place in the office to isolate yourself, plugging into noise-cancelling headphones to eliminate any background buzz, and silencing your personal communication devices while you’re at work. For the social media addicts out there (you’re not alone!) setting limits on those sites or blocking them entirely with services like Cold Turkey may be the best way to steer clear of these timesucking platforms.

Allocate Your Time

Once you’ve emancipated yourself from these daily distractions, the next step is deciding how best to budget your time. For agents, fostering high quality, long-lasting relationships with clients should be a priority. According to PropertyCasualty360, the top sales performers spend up to 33% more time with their clients every week, which translates to as little as two to four hours in a typical workweek (remember the 2.1 hours wasted on distractions a day?).

Those same top performers foster personal networks within their companies that are up to 40% larger than that of the average performer. Depending on the size of the company, this means they interact on a daily basis with 10 to 20 more people than the average agent. But it’s not just the number of people in their networks that matters — the quality of these connections is crucial. Great agents learn from the best, making valuable connections with those in senior leadership positions and other influential employees.

Start on the Right Foot

But no matter how efficient you are with your time, your sales simply won’t be as productive without a pool of high quality leads. Develop targeted, high quality lead generation through a combination of social media (for work purposes only!), paid search, and pay-per-call marketing campaigns. Quality providers deliver leads that are immediately accessible across multiple platforms, allowing you to contact them within the first 60 seconds, thereby increasing your chance of conversion by 391%. Without all those distractions, making first contact — and closing more deals — will be a breeze.

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