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Successful Insurance Sales Strategies for 2018

by Precise Leads

January 3, 2018

To make 2018 the best year ever, insurance agents can follow these 5 tips.

2017 is over, and it’s time for insurance agents to start planning for an even more profitable 2018. The beginning of a new year is always a good time to review and reinvigorate sales and marketing strategies to ensure another successful 12 months.

What agents do now sets the stage for their achievements throughout the year ahead. Following these five tips will help agents make 2018 a rousing success.

Increase Client Outreach

Successful agents recognize that insurance isn’t a one-and-done transaction, but a business built on strong and lasting relationships. Regular outreach can alert the agent to potential changes in a client’s business or life status that may require revised insurance coverages, and frequent meetings can bring to light any possible dissatisfaction that the client may have with the agent’s services. Hearing their complaints helps the agents fix any problems before a client leaves the fold. As the new year begins, agents should vow to be more proactive in reaching out to their clients and better understanding their insurance needs. 

Revisit Sales and Marketing Campaigns

A new year offers the perfect opportunity for agents to review the outcomes of the prior year’s sales and marketing efforts. Any campaigns that failed to achieve significant results should be scrapped and replaced with fresh messaging on social media or other digital platforms to attract new sales opportunities, such as cross-selling products to or raising insurance policy limits for existing clients. Now is also a good time for agents to comb through and clean up their contact lists for unsubscribe requests and bounce-backs. To update their prospect lists, agents might consider partnering with an Internet lead provider for a list of viable contacts.

Update Technology

The insurance industry is rapidly adopting new technologies, and agents who don’t do the same risk losing clients. Fortunately, artificial intelligence-powered vehicles like chatbots and digital claim processing platforms are generally affordable and easily integrated into most insurance agencies. In addition, data mining software automates lead generation and marketing by analyzing social media profiles for likely prospects and new sales opportunities for current clients. Video-enabled programs enable agents to conduct remote meetings, manage claims, and promote their services. There is no shortage of tech tools agents can employ to make their agencies more successful in 2018.

Review Social Media Platforms

Just as the new year is a time at which to rethink sales and marketing strategies, agents should review their online presence to make sure their messaging and branding is consistent and up-to-date across all social media platforms, as well. To engage prospects and clients, agents must also revise their content to appeal to their target audience with relevant and interesting information. Part of that strategy should be a commitment to regularly respond to prospects and clients on social media. Even if a prospect or client isn’t ready to buy, agents gain an advantage by beginning a conversation online.

Ask for More Referrals

Insurance agents can increase their book of business by asking for referrals, but many agents fail to capture them because they ask clients for names of friends and family at the wrong time. Requesting referrals immediately after a sale may indicate to the client that the agent was only interested in making a deal. Agents who wait and ask for a referral until after they’ve completed a service or helped a client find an insurance solution to a difficult problem stand a better chance of gaining one because they have earned the client’s trust.

A new year signals a new start. For insurance agents, that entails improving their sales and marketing strategies to gain more clients and more business in 2018.

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