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How to Boost Business with Revamped Branding for Your Insurance Agency

by Precise Leads

June 14, 2018

Agencies looking to rebrand should make sure new messaging matches their short- and long-term missions.

Your insurance agency has a great staff with a wealth of insurance knowledge. You provide superior service to its clients. You stay up to date on industry trends and try to introduce new technology into your workflow. At every level, you’re doing a great job. And yet, your agency isn’t bringing in quite as much new business as you’d like. What are your options?

While there could be plenty of explanations — you might be facing a seasonal lull, for example — your agency’s branding is a great place to start. The image you project to prospects sets up their expectations. Are you a tech-savvy business with an eye toward the cutting edge? Do you prioritize people-to-people interactions above all else? The right branding can help you get this across. Indeed, it’s imperative that you do get this across if you hope to succeed.

According to a study by the Advertising Research Foundation, the factor that boosted a brand’s sales the most was “likeability.” In other words, if people like you and your branding, they’re more likely to do business with you. And it all starts by making a memorable first impression.

Define Your Mission

The first step in revamping your branding is to define your agency’s mission — that is, your core purpose as you see it. Of course you sell insurance, but there’s much more to it than that. The financial security that your policies and services offer clients can allow them to enjoy other areas of their life worry-free. What products do you specialize in, and how can they give people peace of mind? That’s the message your brand should convey.

Remember, too, that prospects and clients have many choices for their insurance needs. Again, your brand message needs to get across what sets your agency apart from the others — especially when it comes to insurtech startups or outside companies making their way into insurance such as Amazon.

Despite the rise of insurtechs, people still crave personalized services. That’s particularly true when making an important, complicated purchase like an insurance policy. Branding that clearly highlights your mission will show that you care about your clients, and that you hope to offer them personalized services that make them feel secure.

Defining your brand should involve more than just putting a long mission statement on your website, however. A short tagline that summarizes your agency’s purpose will help, as will a distinctive logo that visually illustrates your agency’s character. Don’t reserve your branding just for your website, though. Every email, brochure, and social media post you send out should feature the various elements of your new design aesthetic.

Consistency is Key

Your brand message has gotten prospects through the door. Now what? The key to retaining clients and signing up new ones is to consistently deliver on your signature brand promises.

Begin by ensuring that every agent, sales rep, and staff member in your agency understands your mission. In a sense, your outward branding informs your internal culture, and vice versa. When your staff knows what their responsibilities are to clients — and why prospects are coming to you in the first place beyond a basic interest in insurance — they can deliver top-notch customer service that satisfies everyone and boosts loyalty.

Make sure your branding gets the attention it deserves by getting involved in your community. Sponsors workshops that offer advice for people looking for insurance. Get involved in charitable events. At the end of the day, people want to do business with someone they know and trust more than an app or distant company.

Embrace Being Different

The most effective branding should set your agency apart, so it’s okay to be a little different. Show your agency’s personality and values in a fun but professional manner, whether it’s the design of your website or your writing style in promotional materials. Ultimately, you want your image to be memorable.

A brand, however, is only as good as the foundation it’s built on. For that, you need to define and promote your agency’s mission through whatever means possible — and then follow through on what your brand says you and your team can deliver.

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