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Precise Spotlight: Judy Moore

by Precise Leads

October 9, 2017

Over the past few decades, Judy Moore managed to build an incredibly successful insurance business without sacrificing her family life in the process—here’s how she did it.

Thanks to our unique commitment to quality, agent support, and value-driven service, Precise has been able to build strong, long-term relationships with leaders and innovators throughout the insurance industry. In our Precise Spotlight series, we want to showcase some of these outstanding partners for our readers. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an up-and-coming agent, we hope that their wealth of experience and sustained successes will guide you as you work to realize your own business goals.

For our first series, we sat down with Ohio agent Judy Moore. Here’s what she had to say about our 6-year and counting partnership.

Precise: Can you provide a little background on yourself? For example, where you’re from originally, how you got into insurance, and the path your career has followed up to this point.

Judy: I’m originally from Baltimore, Maryland, but I met a man who lived in Cadiz, Ohio, a small rural community in the southeastern part of the state. Blinded by love, I decided to move from the big city to our tiny little town where we started our life together, and eventually, our family. I was a stay-at-home mom to our three children for 7 years before deciding to open up my own agency.

My decision to launch my insurance business in 1999 was in large part based on the level of flexibility the profession allows. I wanted to be home when my kids got off the bus; I wanted to be home when they were sick; to never miss a sporting event, a PTO conference, or a holiday party at school. I found I was able to be the mother I wanted to be while simultaneously maintaining a successful career.

P: In your experience, how has the rise of internet-related technologies over the past decade or so—mobile, social media, internet search—changed insurance marketing and sales tactics?

J: It has made me far more productive—both in terms of acquiring new leads and generating new business. Nowadays, people don’t go to the phone book to look someone up, they take to the internet for answers. This has enabled me to expand my business exponentially.

P: What kind of tactics were you using to generate leads before partnering with Precise?

J: Before Precise, I was relying exclusively on mail leads. People would send in a postcard with their name and address handwritten; about a half dozen or so would come in each week. That’s how I would try to get business and, for the most part, it worked. I was able to close enough deals to make a living, but I knew there was room to expand my business with internet leads.

P: What was it that made you decide to start purchasing internet leads in the first place?

J: Early on, I worked for a company that recommended internet leads as an impactful marketing and sales tactic. They would purchase the leads, then charge the agents who used them. The issue was often that by the time I got them, there was too much of a delay to have a real shot at a successful follow up. I realized that this kind of slow and cumbersome process was not in my best interest, and so I decided to start purchasing leads directly from a provider.

P: What made Precise stand out as a provider?

J: Simply put, the vast majority of the time your leads are valid, and the contact information provided is for people who are genuinely looking for information. I am more pleased with the quality of Precise Leads than any other company I have tried.

P: Can you talk about some of the notable successes and/or positive impact you’ve experienced since partnering with us?

J: After switching to Precise, my volume of business and my income has more than doubled. You can’t beat that.

P: Do you have any advice for agents considering purchasing leads?

J: You have to set yourself apart from other agents. I do that in two ways. First, a lot of agents are telemarketers, but I am a “local” person. I only purchase local leads, which enables me to make a more personal connection and stand out amongst those who may be casting a wider net. Also, I have one product that most agents don’t represent, so I am sure to push that product whenever I contact leads or leave a message. Between advising them on products they likely have not heard of and reminding customers I am local, I have a much stronger chance at making a sale than the 30 to 40 other agents that may be calling them.

A big thank you to Judy Moore for taking the time to sit down with Precise and share her experiences as an insurance agent! We truly appreciate her partnership and contribution to the Spotlight series. Be sure to keep an eye out for more stories of hard work, opportunity, and success from Precise agents!

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