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New Internet Lead Generation Trends and Tactics

by Precise Leads

April 20, 2018

Jump start your online lead generation efforts with a third-party lead provider.

It’s no secret that lead generation is the lifeblood of the insurance industry, but as with nearly every other aspect of insurance, the internet has radically changed how agents gather those leads. According to J.D. Power’s 2016 US Insurance Shopping Study, nearly 75% of consumers now research insurance policies online, a major development for an industry used to mailing and cold calling. Fortunately, reliable online lead generators are helping agents connect with these prospects, making it easier than ever to attract prospective clients. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to ensure that you’re maximizing your lead generation strategies.

Partner with a Third-Party Lead Generator

An online lead generator can introduce you to prospects that are otherwise beyond your reach. With that said, you should still ensure that a generator’s priorities align with your own so that you’ll have the greatest chance of converting those leads into clients. Before you buy from a lead generation provider, do your research and come prepared with questions.

Are the leads shared with other agents? While there’s nothing wrong with sharing leads, they shouldn’t be shared by more than three or four agents.

How are the leads generated? A successful lead generator relies on multiple sources, including ad clicks, social media, click-to-call, and videos as well as more traditional methods like direct mail, email, and referrals.

How are the leads delivered? You have a choice of delivery options: email, text, customer relationship management software, quoting tool, or dialer. Just make sure the provider onboards your staff and provides ongoing support.

Are there other services? Many lead generators provide additional services such as inbound calls, live transfers, click campaigns, and creative services. They can also help you expand your book of business by targeting prospects outside your traditional market.

Can I pause the service? To control spending, you may decide to pause the leads from time to time. But you’ll want to stay with the lead generation service for at least two months to realize a return on investment.

Optimize Your Marketing Strategies

Blogs and other content marketing efforts (videos, white papers, podcasts, webinars) can successfully generate leads if they’re optimized for search engines. By accessing Google Analytics’ troves of data regarding search histories, you can identify what terms its algorithms prioritize and incorporate them into your website, its URL, and titles and headers of various pages. This will help your content appear more competitively whenever a user searches for related terms. If you need more assistance with SEO, you can easily hire an authority to guide you through the process.

Remember that most of your prospects live around you. Since they’re searching for insurance providers in their area, introducing place names and other specific geographical details into your website will help you reach the top of local searches. Keeping up with current trends in the industry can also help you identify buzzwords for which local prospects might be searching.

Follow Up!

Once you have a lead, don’t let it wither. Collecting hundreds of leads fails to generate sales if you don’t have a system to follow-up on them quickly. Your chances of contacting a lead increase 100 times when calling within five minutes, research from MIT and InsideSales.com found.

Implement a system specifying when you or another agent follows up with the lead and by which method (phone, email, etc.). For example, make the first contact immediately, the second within 30 minutes, and the third between one to two hours. If you or an agent cannot make the contact, have an administrator in the office send a confirmation email or schedule a phone chat.

The goal of lead generation is to convert leads into prospects, and prospects into clients. However you engage your leads, your content should nudge them to take action, such as filling out a form or contacting you. Remember: make your call to action as strong as possible. It might just get you your next lead.

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