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Five Effective Strategies for New Insurance Agents

by Precise Leads

February 23, 2018

New insurance agents can become pros overnight by following these five tips.

Success in the insurance industry depends on a complex skill set that spans everything from product knowledge and sales to customer service and marketing. For agents just starting out in the business, mastering each of those jobs can be intimidating.

New insurance agents shouldn’t be discouraged, however. Indeed, if they approach the industry with the right mindset and follow these five strategies, they can set themselves up for sustained success in the early years of their careers.

Be a Great Salesperson. First and foremost, insurance agents are in the business of selling people products. As a result, a great insurance agent needs to be a great salesperson. That doesn’t mean offering clients and prospects the least expensive policies and hoping that they buy them, however. Instead, successful agents take the time to understand the client’s needs and provide them with the most suitable product. If a client expresses hesitation, agents can help them overcome it by explaining how a policy protects their families, businesses, and homes.

Dress Professionally. Dressing appropriately for the workplace and meetings indicates that an agent is a serious professional worthy of a client’s time and trust. Just as importantly, a clean, well-tailored outfit signals an agent’s attention to detail — a characteristic clients seek when buying a complex and expensive product like insurance.

Be a Great Marketer. Even the greatest salesperson will find little success if prospects don’t know about their abilities and knowledge — or where to contact them. For that, agents must focus on the clients they want to attract and market themselves to that audience. In today’s marketplace, agents need a strong online presence that ranks highly on search engines. New insurance agents should consider alternative marketing approaches, as well, such as sponsoring a youth sports team or writing articles for local publications.

Diversify Lead Gen Sources. Just like marketing, new agents should pursue as many lead generation sources as possible, including advertising, networking, or purchasing Internet leads. Not only does diversifying lead gen opportunities give agents the best chance to attract more prospects, it also enables them to pinpoint the most successful methods and concentrate on them.

Sell to Everybody. As millennials begin to buy more insurance products, young agents should use their age and shared experiences to their advantage, since people are more likely to buy from someone to whom they can relate. Young agents shouldn’t ignore older clients. however. Instead, they should find common ground with older clients by asking about their family members and mutual interests. Successful agents find ways to engage with clients of all generations.

Insurance can be a highly rewarding career for a young person, but it’s a job that requires persistence and continual learning. These five strategies provide a foundation for success agents can employ at each stage of their profession.

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