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5 Tech Platforms Every Insurance Agent Should Be Using

by Precise Leads

April 24, 2018

Energize your insurance agency’s operations with these five intuitive apps.

As an insurance agent, you lead a hectic business life. On a daily basis, you need to find leads, set up meetings with prospects, organize client documents, track important deadlines, and record commissions. Even with support from your staff, it’s easy to get overworked while attempting to manage all of these functions at the same time.

Luckily, emerging technology is here to help. While there are always larger investments you can make in your digital infrastructure, some changes can start small, augment your workflow, and lead to bigger payoffs over time. With intuitive apps that can help you keep tabs on disparate parts of your business, you’ll have the resources you need to gain visibility into every part of your sales process. If you’re wondering where to get started, try these five apps on for size.

1. Evernote

This multi-functional tech tool enables agents to monitor each prospect and client as they progress through the sales cycle. Create a file for each, and then update it every time a change in a client’s status occurs by adding written or audio notes, or uploading a document or video.

Even better, the stored data can be shared with colleagues and synced to your computer, phone, or tablet, that way the information is always with you. When you’re out in the field and meet a potential client, Evernote Scannable easily scans business cards and automatically links the prospect’s name to his or her company and LinkedIn profile.

2. MightyMeeting

Sometimes, agents encounter prospects and clients outside the office who are eager to discuss insurance. Instead of scheduling a meeting at a later date, MightyMeeting stores your entire sales presentation in the cloud — documents, videos, and all. All you have to do is log onto your smartphone to immediately engage a prospect. With this app, you’re always ready to take a meeting and make a lasting, positive first impression.

3. HubSpot CRM

A free customer relationship management (CRM) software, HubSpot establishes a timeline of important dates related to each client. Whether it’s a key sales meeting or a policy renewal deadline, this software will generate reminders and keep you on track. Alternatively, you can assign the task to another person on your staff. The software’s Task Dashboard charts the schedule for each milestone and records its completion, helping you to prevent jobs from falling through the cracks.

4. Sales Tracking Calendar

With the Sales Tracking Calendar from Pipeline Pro, you’ll be able to more easily track sales activity and put together performance reports that measure your business. With a digital calendar that makes appointments a cinch and follow-ups intuitive, the app gives you everything you need to stay on top of sales. Additionally, the app can help you monitor your lead pipeline and closing ratios in order to assess whether you’ve met — or are close to meeting — your regular goals.

5. Shapr

You don’t need to go to networking events to network. Shapr suggests other insurance professionals in your area you can connect with. It even helps you set up meetings with them! While this app doesn’t allow sales to be conducted on its platform, it’s still a great way to build your network for future business.

For insurance agents struggling with time and task management, these apps can go a long way toward boosting organization and efficiency. Read online reviews, identify which areas of your business could use added support, and download the platforms that stand to benefit your workflow most.

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