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4 Ways Insurance Agents Can Optimize Their Email Marketing Strategies

by Precise Leads

February 10, 2017

Effective email marketing helps agents reach the right prospects and turn cold and warm leads into new clients.

There’s a reason why an overwhelming majority of small businesses rank email marketing as one of the best ways to acquire and retain new clients: when built properly, mailing lists are effective and impactful. Unfortunately, many insurance agents misunderstand the purpose of an email campaign. Merely contacting a list of prospects who don’t know who you are or why you’re contacting them is a surefire way to waste time and damage your professional brand. Instead, your mailing list should be designed with the intention of maintaining contact with existing clients and reminding tentative prospects that you have their best interests at heart.

Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure that your email marketing strategy is as effective as it can be.

1. Create a Quality List of Contacts

Email marketing is far from being a new development, and consumers across industries have little patience for spam in their inbox. For that reason, you’ll want to be sure that each and every contact on your mailing list actually wants to be a recipient of your messages.

To that end, independent agents can partner with internet lead providers, or companies which connect insurance shoppers with agents who can help them acquire coverage. If every contact on your list was acquired by buying high-intent insurance leads, you can be sure that your emails won’t end up in the spam folder.

It’s also crucial to maintain proper list hygiene — you must be sure that unsubscribe requests are fulfilled, that all contact information is current, and that all email addresses are functional. If too many of your emails are ‘bouncing’ (or being sent to nonfunctional addresses), your emails can end up on an email security service’s spam list.

2. Timing is Everything

Send your emails at the right time. For example, if it’s the beginning of hurricane season, you should market home or flood insurance, whereas health insurance agents need to contact their lists ahead of the Medicare AEP. Additionally, make sure you send emails consistently, but not incessantly — you don’t want your prospects forgetting about your services, but you shouldn’t pester them, either.

3. Craft a Quality Message and Segment

Know your product. While avoiding insurance jargon, make sure you demonstrate a level of expertise that your prospects can trust. Really understanding your product helps ensure that your marketing message can be clear and precise.

You should also ensure that you send the right message to the right people. Online lead providers often sort prospects by insurance line, meaning that your database should also be organized by line. This way, you can ensure you are targeting your audience with exactly the services they want. This sort of targeting is commonly called segmentation, and it’s proven to boost email click rates by a whopping 94%.

Finally, be sure that each email you send out is an email you would actually read yourself. Personalize each email as much as possible — if you saw on Facebook or LinkedIn that your client just bought a home or started a new job, that might be an avenue to a new sales opportunity as well as an opportunity to show your client that you care about their needs.

4. Don’t Push the Sale

Too often, agents push too hard to quote a product price or even make a sale in their initial contact with a prospect. Frame your message as an offer of assistance for a problem rather than a hard sale of a product. In this way, you can position yourself as a helpful industry resource instead of a pesky addition to your prospect’s inbox. If you’ve crafted a quality list, segmented your perfected message, and ensured that your message is being sent at the appropriate moment, it will be considerably easier to be perceived as a helpful insurance guide.

With these strategies at your disposal, your mailing list will become a surefire lead development tool in no time.

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