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How to Get Out of an Insurance Sales Slump

by Precise Leads

August 14, 2017

No hitter ever got out of a slump by not swinging. If you want to get back on top of your game, the key is not giving up.

No matter their line of work, everybody falls into ruts sometimes. For independent insurance agents, however, a slump in sales can be especially disheartening. While it’s easy to dwell on your failures, successful insurance salespeople recognize that slumps are temporary setbacks. Indeed, they tackle them head-on and work on reliable practices to reignite their sales.

Rethink Your Practice

If your current workflow practices aren’t yielding desired results, take a moment to assess your workstyle. Overhaul your presentations to prospects and clients. Review your current line of products and see if it meets your clients’ needs. Partner with a reputable lead generation service to reach more prospects each week. After some reflection, you might simply find that you’ve strayed from the winning habits that have made you so successful. Returning to them could be the key to emerging from your slump.

Revise Your Sales Goals

Through no fault of your own, financial downturns can prevent you from reaching your sales targets. If you find yourself in a slump, take a closer look at current economic conditions and temporarily reset your short-term sales objectives to more realistic levels. Meeting those new goals will improve morale, and you can always raise the numbers upward when the slump ends.

Focus on the Client’s Needs

During a sales slump, you may lose sight of your clients’ needs as you focus on hitting your sales quota. As you push products and policies that your clients don’t need, however, they’ll sense your desperation and likely decline your offers. Reverse that perception by presenting yourself as an empathetic expert whose only aim is to find the best insurance coverage for your client. This client-centric approach will earn you a sale as well as referrals from satisfied clients.

Solicit Feedback and Advice

Candid feedback from your clients can help you work through a slump. Ask them what needs improvement in your sales pitch and services, and use those comments to help you adjust your sales practices. During those discussions, they may also highlight what you’re doing right, which will give you the self-confidence needed to battle through the slump. In addition, ask outside experts for advice on your current strategies. Peers with other agencies or professional organizations may spot shortcomings — and strengths — that you might’ve overlooked.

Stay Positive!

It’s always a struggle to slog through a sales slump, and maintaining a positive attitude is difficult during those times. But successful agents never give into negativity. They remain confident and continue to work hard, knowing the sales slump won’t last forever.

So if you’re struggling through a dip in sales, use these slump-busting tips to shorten it. You may find it will be the last slump you ever experience.

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