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Should Facebook Live Be a Part of Your Insurance Agency’s Marketing Strategy?

by Precise Leads

March 24, 2017

If you’re trying to buff up your public speaking skills or reach big audiences at no cost, it may be worth your while to try Facebook Live.

In order to ensure that your brand is as engaging as possible, you need to keep up with the latest developments in technology — and the most recent trend in social media engagement is live streaming through platforms such as Facebook Live, Instagram’s Live Stories, and Snapchat. These platforms allow agents to reach a massive audience of potential clients with the click of a button. Plus, many Facebook users are Millennials, a historically tricky demographic for insurers.

Insurance can be a complicated subject to grasp, but it’s also an important aspect of life that many young people struggle to prioritize. But by being proactive and establishing a presence in the areas your target audience spends the majority of its time, you’ll have a much better chance of capturing their attention.

Engage Huge Audiences Through Live Streaming

With a potential audience of more than 1.5 billion users, it’s not surprising that Facebook is playing an increasingly central role in many agency’s digital marketing strategies.

The first thing to note is that Facebook allows members to create commercial pages in order to develop organic (i.e., free) audiences as well as paid ones. The platform has hard-set priorities that are reflected in the algorithms of its newsfeed function. To that end, the Facebook newsfeed that each user sees will organically prioritize videos, which means that a video post is much more likely to be seen by your followers than any given image or text post.

The prioritization doesn’t stop there, either — whenever you begin a live stream, Facebook will send a push notification to every individual user who has ‘liked’ your page, which is arguably a more impactful call to action than any other marketing function Facebook has to offer.

Plus, Facebook users comment on live streams three times more often than they do on prerecorded videos — and considering that each comment on your live stream exposes the event to the commenting user’s Facebook friends, Facebook Live is clearly built to facilitate widespread reach.

Become a Better Salesperson

Expanded audiences and increased engagement with prospects aren’t the only benefits of social media marketing — live streaming on a regular basis can actually make you a better salesperson.

As Bradley Flowers recently noted in a piece for PropertyCasualty360, live streaming can help you build your public speaking skills and boost your long-term confidence. “After doing a live video and going back to a normal sales presentation, you realize it’s no big deal if you slip up because three people will know about it at the most, [whereas a live stream may be watched by thousands].” Just like any other activity, practice makes perfect, right?

You might be thinking that live streaming lacks face-to-face interaction between prospect and agent, but Facebook Live has several built-in engagement features. Because users can use Facebook’s ‘reactions’ and comment any questions they have in real-time, agents can offer Q&A sessions via live stream to facilitate a community discussion of otherwise dry insurance topics. Or, if viewers are having trouble understanding why they may need to purchase a policy, they could benefit from hearing a story about how one of your clients was successfully protected by an insurance policy in a relevant time of need.

Create a Multi-Channel Marketing Plan

Live streaming can certainly be a key component of your dynamic digital marketing strategy, but don’t forget to flesh out the rest of your campaign with just as much effort. You’ll want to develop a distinct agency brand so that you can be immediately recognized by qualified prospects, and that means establishing consistent brand messaging across your website, social media channels, and so on.

No matter whether you choose to release a podcast series or a daily Snapchat update, it’s important to keep tabs on the best new media platforms that you can leverage for your agency brand. At the end of the day, building a brand for your agency and promoting it well allows you to cut through the noise and reach the clients that you need to reach, no matter what medium you choose — but if you’re not sure where to start, Facebook Live is certainly a good spot.

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