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Avoid These Insurance Sales-Killing Pitches

by Precise Leads

September 11, 2017

If you’re in a sales slump, you might need to abandon some of your current pitches.

By now, like every independent insurance agent, you’ve perfected your go-to sales pitches. For many years, these messages attracted clients and boosted sales revenue. Lately, though, you’re finding that the pitches you’ve used for so long no longer bring the same results.

If that’s the case, it’s time to ditch those stale sales pitches and take a different tack. Here are the sales lines you need to banish right now — and how you should alter your approach to today’s clientele.

“This is the lowest price you’ll get!”

Of course your clients and prospects focus on price, but they also want value for the dollars they pay. If you sell products solely on price, you’re leaving the door open for them to bolt for a cheaper premium in the future. A successful insurance agent persuades clients that they’re getting sufficient coverage at the proper price, not the cheapest.

“Let me tell you about my company!”

Diving into a lengthy spiel about your agency’s history and accomplishments at the outset of a sales meeting risks alienating the client or prospect. While they are interested in working with a reputable firm, they’re more interested in services and products that mitigate their insurance liabilities. Rather than waste precious minutes talking about your company, listen and ask probing questions to pinpoint the right solution for your client’s insurance needs.

“If you don’t buy now, you may not get the same offer next week!”

This outdated tactic will turn away clients and prospects more often than it leads to conversions. The client picks up on your “let’s make a deal now or else!” attitude and will likely head for the door as soon as possible. Instead of pressing the client or prospect to sign a deal on the spot, ditch the sales pitch altogether and engage in a conversation about the client’s business goals and concerns. If the client doesn’t feel comfortable buying at that moment, at least you’ll have established a level of trust so that he or she will contact you when ready to purchase.

“This is the perfect solution for you!”

While you may think that the solution is perfect for the client, the client might not. This line presumes that you better understand the client’s needs or expectations from a product or service. It may also seem as though you’re talking down to them, a definite no-no in sales. But if you listen closely to the client, he or she will tell you what their perfect solution is. Close the sale by crafting a solution together with the client — not by badgering him or her into making a deal.

“Other people loved this deal, so you will, too!”

Each client has unique requirements. Your clients and prospects seek customized solutions, not generic deals sold to everyone. If you are selling the same products and services to every client, you are doing yourself and your clients a disservice. A better tactic is to first understand the client’s individual circumstances and tailor your presentation and offerings to those specific needs.

Stop relying on blanket sales pitches for every client or prospect. To achieve a sale, successful agents identify the needs of each client and create a pitch just for that individual.

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